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Since she was a little girl, Alexandra Femminilita has always been fond of 20th century fashion styles. From émancipé of 1920s to prioritized elegance of 1950s, fashion fascinated her and it was only natural that eventually she developed passion for the most intimate accessory of those times, stylish leather gloves.

As her personal collection of gloves has been becoming a featured local attraction, it was a matter of time before Alexandra started transforming her taste, expertise and persistence in search of perfection into her own collection of fashion accessories.

This is when Alexandra Femminilita Fashion was born. Months of preparation, well-thought design with attention to details, reliable manufacturers with great experience, finest Italian and Ethiopian leather: these are components that brought a long-awaited 2021 collection of gloves Confidence to this world.


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Enjoy selected items from Alexandra’s closet. Once selected by her to be hers, these gorgeous eternal leather gloves now are on their way to new happy owners. You are welcome.

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